Rituals help connect us to deeper aspects of ourselves and each other. 

From religious rituals like weddings to eulogies to personalized ritual such as celebrations after the passing of a loved one and/or bringing a new life into a family, I help you create the ritual and the language that provides an experience you will never forget.

Examples of Rituals I’ve Provided for Clients

*2 day services for releasing Spirits of loved ones who passed unexpectedly together.  We began with a ceremony in the home where they lived, blessings items and calling the directions, then releasing energy.  We then blessed the outside of the home and did a ritual in the backyard for sacred transitions.  the following morning we did a ritual ceremony at the beach to release energy with the waves and completed in a chapel with prayer ceremony and chanting.  That evening the family held celebration.  Special care was given to the younger generations to ensure they felt safe and supported during the events and were given the space to provide their own items to the rituals.

*The marriage of Jessica and Shanda and a co-ceremony with their close friends Jacob and Micheal on the beach in La Selva, California.  These two beautiful couples wished to be joined to their partners and then have a co-ceremony of joining as friends forever.  We held the first ceremony, then the second, then the third, then a huge celebration on the beach.  We had musicians and dancers and it was a beautiful event.  Their friends offered the flowers, food, music and many of the decorations.

*Full moon ceremonies on the beach and in the mountains.

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