Events and special occasions are opportunities to touch the hearts of those you care about and tell them how important they are to you.

Words have the power to remind us we are never alone, letters for inspiration are just that, they inspire us to move forward holding those we love close.

From individualized letters for graduations and bar mitzvahs, to heart-opening messages to soldiers going to war and letters to loved ones before you pass, it is truly my honor to help you express your deepest feelings in authentic, moving and supportive ways that remind your loved ones they are never alone.

From coming of age events to transitions to college, graduations, birthdays and more, I offer you to option of providing a unique, lasting gift that comes from your heart and expresses how deeply you care.

As a poet, I also offer an option of creating various forms of poetry for the individual.  I believe poems offer something nothing else does.  A poem, unlike a letter or other form of writing has no rules unless we assign them.  We can say and offer anything that we feel connected to in order to express ourselves to another person and/or a group of people.  When I write a poem for someone, it is unique and special in a way only poetry can be and the visuals it can evoke are beautiful.

*Note: To help you complete your gift, depending on your location, we can also offer options for framing and various formats for your give once the language is chosen.

Some unusual events I’ve provided words for:

*A poem for the son of a mother turning 90 to tell her how she has been his source of strength and how her heart taught him to be the man, father and husband he chose to be.

*A letter of inspiration for a soldier who was going to war.  His wife asked that I help her express something he could take with him and read every day.  It was and incredible experience for me and when he returned he and his wife let me know just how powerful it had been for him, like a mantra.

*A letter of inspiration for a mother going through cancer treatment from her children.  It was framed and she said that every day she read it several times to remind her what she was fighting for.  She made it and has been cancer free for many years.  She still treasures the gift.