When you need assistance writing a stellar resume, cover letter or other corporate letter that illustrates your unique abilities and creates the connection you need to move forward quickly and effectively, contact me.

Since 1990 I’ve assisted people in resume writing, interviewing skills, cover letter formation and personal image creation.  I started as the career services coordinator and head career counselor at NYU (New York University) Career Services in 1990.  I then worked as the Human Resources Team Lead for American Express Travel in Chicago counseling 38 individuals into new careers inside and outside the company (included restructuring all of their resumes and customizing cover letters, career coaching and interviewing skills counseling) in 1993.  I also worked as a Career Services Counselor while attaining my MBA/ MIM at The American Graduate School of International Management in 1995-1996.  After this I started my own company and have assisted individuals in manifesting their dreams ever since.  *I also offer transition counseling – see

About Resume Creation

Writing and restructuring resumes isn’t only about ensuring the information is clear and concise, it’s about marketing your skills in a way that they attract the jobs you truly want.  Anyone can create a document that states facts, my specialty is understanding who you are and where you wish to go and helping you draft the resume that gets you there.

About Cover Letter Creation

Cover letters are your foot in the door, they show the company you care about who they are and understand how you could help their company grow, expand and thrive.  I help you tailor your skills to the individual companies you are targeting in ways that show you are who they want, and get you in the door for that interview.

About Interviewing Skills

When I worked for American Express in the early 1990’s, interviewing skills were considered to follow a certain format designed to say the ‘right thing’ to get the job.  Today I believe we have evolved in our communications and while there are certain aspects of interviewing that are tried and true, we also recognize the power of creating a connection with the interviewer (rapport building) and how to ensure we not only excel at our interview, we also know how to interview the person we are meeting with to ensure we are a fit for the position.  Winning an interview is one thing, winning an interview for a job we truly want and would excel in is a completely different experience.

I’m passionate about helping you move into the new career that helps your heart sing!