Poem – I am that which I seek

I Am That Which I Seek, from Language of Life

by Jenifer Shapiro

I am that which I seek.

I am the seer, the known and unknown. The lover, the light, the bliss.

I am the unconditional one beyond judgment, scorn or criticism.

I am the whole Self, filled with the love of a thousand lives and the wisdom of the ages.

I am the water that shines, cleans, flows through and surrenders.

I am the earth that holds all of us upon it’s glorious strength.

I am the wind that carries the voice of God – sometimes as a prophet, often as a whisper.

I am the light of my soul and the connection to all souls.

I am the truth, for I have already lived the lies and won my freedom from them long ago.

And while at times I may forget and scan the periphery for a sign of me,

When I am quiet, when I am free, I remember,

I am that which I seek.

Resume Writing – A Client’s Experience

This is a brief overview from Ashley A. from Pacific Grove, CA about her experience working with Jenifer in updating her resume.

“I contacted Jenifer as I had just completed my training in my field and wanted a resume that highlighted who I was and what I wanted to be in a new position.  She was amazing.  SO fast and she just…got it.  I felt like I was talking with an old friend and everything I wanted she included and did so overnight, I’ve never had someone work so fast for me.  Then when I found a job I really wanted, she updated the resume in 15 min to be exactly what I needed to get the job…and I did!  Thanks Jenifer!  You are my ‘writing guru’!”