About Jenifer

me-for-ebook_edited-1Since I was very young, I’ve believed language creates our world, both internally and externally.  How we choose to use words in speech and writing can shift our experience and the experiences of those we communicate with.

I’ve worked as a poet, a professional editor and an author of various books, articles, manuals, trainings and professional papers.  I’ve written on topics from self-help and holistic healing to technology and business development for individuals, corporations and universities.

For over two and a half decades I had the honor of assisting people from all walks of life manifest their goals through empowered language.

I believe the use of language is a sacred art and I’m honored to assist those seeking to create a change in their lives through the use of conscious language.

For more on my healing work: EmpowermentCentre.com

For more on my business work and web design:  EmpowermentBusiness.com